Our Next Chapter...

The overwhelming amount of issues plaguing the disability community have buried me alive. The most painful of them come from supposed allies, people who wave bright banners of social justice only to throw the disabled under the bus when it really counts. Fighting against this kind of injustice has made me a lot of enemies, and frankly, I can’t do it in the same capacity any longer.

Frill-Ability is taking a new direction from a business standpoint because I’ve been burnt out for a long time. I need to do something that doesn’t involve conflict for both my mental and physical health. Despite the issues being just as important to me, I’m getting to the age where I need to fight battles differently, particularly as my health continues to decline.

I’ve never been very consistent about posting here, but it’s been obvious in the past couple years that as I’ve previously alluded, I feel jaded. That’s not new. My whole life, I’ve felt like so much of what I do has been for other people, and whenever I do something for myself, it’s like I’m getting away with something bad. I feel like a kid who’s stolen a pack of gum from the corner store and having a moral crisis. Logically, I know how messed up that thinking is.

I need to do something that makes me happy, that’s accessible for me, and is actually in pursuit of one of my dreams, and I hope that’s something you all are here for as well. I’ll keep you updated with what that is as the dust settles and so on. I know what part of it is, but the rest of it, we’ll see. If you’d like to keep updated, I’m usually on Instagram. (which is really my main platform nowadays…)

These journeys of re-evaluation are important to take, no matter how old you are. Take care of yourself, friends, and Make Good with Your Ability.