Adaptive Autism

A dangerous trend I see in the neurodivergent community online is a fierce resistance to help oneself. It’s a narrative that reads “I have x issue therefore I cannot do y.” Sometimes that’s valid for the benefit of one’s health and avoiding extreme detriment. 

As in, “I have auditory and visual processing issues, therefore I cannot attend loud, busy concerts, even with ear and eye protection. It is absolutely too overstimulating, and I will go into meltdown.” (an example) For others, like me, that can be true on some days and not others depending on how much stimulation we’ve been receiving lately. And so on.

Here’s where I tend to object…

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Letting Go of Art Shame

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved art in some form. My favourite thing as a kid was having a fresh notebook or sketchbook with a pack of pens, pencils, or crayolas. In class, like most artsy kids, I was chided for doodling, but it was the only way for me to focus when a subject or teacher didn’t engage me. (I know now, thanks to Autism.) I dressed eccentrically, I was the owner of many Gellyrolls by Sakura, and whenever an adult could take me to Suncoast (RIP) or to the local comic book shop for manga or anime, I was thrilled.

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Our Next Chapter...

The overwhelming amount of issues plaguing the disability community have buried me alive. The most painful of them come from supposed allies, people who wave bright banners of social justice only to throw the disabled under the bus when it really counts. Fighting against this kind of injustice has made me a lot of enemies, and frankly, I can’t do it in the same capacity any longer.

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