Dear Conservative Friends: A Letter to Encourage Dialogue Across Barriers

Dear Conservative Friends,

I’m here because I’d like to start a dialogue with you. I am tired of the fighting across what seems to be a Grand Canyon of a divide. While I have a few of what you would consider socially liberal opinions and facets of my identity, I don’t subscribe to a political affiliation. I would rather work cooperatively. Too many lives are being lost, societies all over the world are in steep decline, and when we look deep into our souls, I don’t think we actually want different things. I think we need to do a better job at communicating as if we were friends, a less dysfunctional family, and finding a way to let people get on with their lives when they do things that upset us.

There are going to be a lot of blurred lines, and some that aren’t. We are going to have to compromise. What is most important is that we are going to have to learn to respect and love each other. Love is the most important thing in this world. 

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Period Positive: Learning to Talk About It

Previous to six months ago, thinking about my period outside of the misery it brought me and the basic things I needed to do for care wasn’t much of an occurrence. I only talked about it with other people who shared the same monthly experience in private. Following the stigma pounded into my brain by my traditional environment, that little voice would silently remind me, “Don’t talk about this openly, especially not around certain people.” It’s gross, right? People are uncomfortable because it is gross.

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