Wheelchair Vlog: San Francisco Japantown Mall

Dear Sparkly Friends, 

No doubt most of you follow me on Instagram primarily now. The end of 2018 (and my lapse in posting) was marked by big, happy changes. I moved into a lovely condo! Shortly after my last entry, things got incredibly busy and didn’t entirely settle down. Currently, I am visiting  Northern California helping out my beautiful girlfriend. Life seems as if it’s shifting from surviving to thriving little by little.


Soon we will be returning to Chicago together. Most of our time this trip hasn’t been our typical adventures for a very good reason, but we did manage to fit a few in. I’ve really wanted to share those with you, but I’ve been conflicted because that type of content would be in direct conflict with the new project I’m slowly rolling out. (which is also very time consuming!) I didn’t want to start two new YouTube channels at the same time because that would be entirely too confusing, so I’ve decided to share the videos here. 


I realize many many of you might not be interested in actually visiting blogs anymore, but I hope for the few who do, this is enjoyable. There’s a lot that I have fun creating that doesn’t always fit the business or branding model. I want to be able to share engaging experiences from a disabled perspective without disability obviously framed. You know, I want to just live my life and not be an activist all the time, particularly online. I want to show that we are pretty regular people and give context to the issues we address.


Without further introduction, I had fun this weekend in San Francisco. Come along with me: