Put Thought Into Your Period Panties

When selecting your alternative menstrual product, especially your period panties, put -real thought- into it. Buying into a gimmick and catchy branding is really tempting, but will your body appreciate it? Research the materials that are potentially going onto or into your body. Look into the history of the company compared to the history of the movement. "Innovation" is a hot word right now; new to market may not mean new to the world nor imply particularly effective.

From personal experience and my heart, not because I represent their brand, I cannot blab enough about the phenomenal things Lunapanties  and Lunapads have done for me. Not to mention, they are a female-owned business you can trust (BBB accredited with A+ rating), in existence since 1993 and larger production since 1998 with transparent practices (a Women's Voices for The Earth Business Partner). My period panties of choice are my Maia Hipsters. I absolutely could not do without them during my period. (Learn more about their practices here.)

Sometimes I use them alone, and on extra-heavy days, they are back-up. (These are already ranked for heavy flow!) They are just as effective as a pad and come with an insert. You can choose not to wear it and use your cup and pad of choice instead! My favourite pads right now in general are:

-the Performa Mini in purple, (high performing, super absorbent + moisture wicking, and feels like your va-jay is comfortably seated upon a little cloud or has its own pillow,)

-Teeny + Mini Pantyliners

-and Mini pads 

my favourite prints: Night Mares, Cosmic Dancer (organic), and Foxtrot! The Snowleopard print is in my top three favourites as well, but it’s not currently available, sadly! Get your favourite prints while you can; they are limited!

Do keep in mind, these are the products I tend to use because of my sizing, bleeding, and preferences. Some of the things I don't get -as- excited about, are equally wonderful, I'm just probably out of my mind in pain and bleeding quite a bit, so we'll save that for another post. To give you an idea of how I wear my pads, I'm very petite, a heavy bleeder, and I will wear pads on non-bleeding days for mild bladder leakage at night for security and general vaginal discharge throughout the day because it's nice keeping my panties clean. You might be entirely different! That's okay! Choose your products to your body!

The DivaCup is the menstrual cup they carry and is backed by the highest Canadian quality standards, such that it is the only cup they will carry right now! It's that good! To understand a little bit about Divacup's rigorous standards, here's a couple quotes, links, plus a link regarding their sizing:

"The DivaCup is made from durable top quality, healthcare grade silicone that is suitable for use by women with latex allergies, because it is nitrosamine and latex-free."
"Our ISO 13485:2003 certification ensures your DivaCup is produced, tried and tested within International standards."
"Because of our ISO certification and compliance to FDA, Health Canada and Australian TGA health regulations we can guarantee that each DivaCup is made with the same silicone material and grade approved for healthcare applications for over fifty years and that it does not contain any of the following: latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer and polyethylene and is free of colors and dyes."
"What’s more, our award-winning DivaCup is the only menstrual cup allowed to be sold in Canada by Health Canada."

Medical Questions -Quality and Standards -Sizing

If Lunapads isn't right for you as it can’t be everyone’s jam like it is mine, I'd still love to help you make the switch. For example, when I was first starting, I needed an affordable way to build my stash. I found Precious Stars Pads. They are well-known in the cloth-pads community, and Bree, the owner, also makes the most informative YouTube videos! I'm such a fan.

Meluna Cup, a German company,  is carried by Precious Stars, which is the cup I more regularly use. I have a DivaCup and think it is fantastic, but sadly, the smallest size does not fit me. The Meluna comes in a slightly smaller option. (Upon comparison, it looks a bit shorter and feels a little softer.) Every body is different, and you have to find what's right for you. It uses coloured plastic (you can choose!) and has several sizes, S-M-L+XL. (use the sizing guide!) MeLuna also uses a different material than DivaCup which may or may not work better for you. You can read about it here, and here is their US shop directly. (You won’t find as many colours, but they still have a lot of fun stuff!)

Lunapads, however, are always my first choice. They fit exactly how I like, have never failed me, come in such a wide variety that there is something for my every need. The consistent new flow of merchandise and prints  that they release ensure you don’t get bored! I especially love their variety of other offerings for your home and health, most of which are naturally derived and/or organic. 

Current obsession: Skoy Cloths! I am trying to live in a more sustainable lifestyle, and one of my biggest faults in that regard is being a serial paper-waster, particularly in the paper towel department. Not to mention I DESPISE sponges and traditional wash-rags with a fiery passion. I think they are disgusting and only serve to spread bacteria. 

These bad-boys, in contrast, dry super quickly, so they’re not lingering around damp for days to breed bacteria. According to their official website's FAQ , you can microwave them wet for two minutes (like a sponge) to nuke the nasty stuff out of them. They can last as long as a year, and when they are no more, you can compost them because they are totally biodegradable! Brilliant!

If you think Lunapads is as neat as I do and would like to get a discount on non-sale items, you can get 5% off with Frill-Ability using the following codes at checkout:

Ambassador#: 616022
Coupon Code: AMBFIVE

However you choose, do so wisely. As you comb through businesses, think about how the business's actions will reflect upon you and your health in the long run. If there is something missing in the security, respect, transparency, honesty in marketing, quality craftsmanship for the price-point, and/or a ability of a brand to serve the vast majority of its intended audience (or the promise to do so), you might end up dissatisfied. 

Have you made the switch yet? (Need some more hard facts?) If so, how is it going? Share your stories down below! If not and you’re still thinking about it, feel free to ask any questions you might have. If you’re ready and you just haven’t had the opportunity to make your first purchase, hang on tight, there might be an opportunity for you coming up soon!

Sending you lots of love and light, and encouraging you as always to Make Good with Your Ability Today!


Sorel Estrada Volpe